About What Does the Pet Insurance Industry Consider to Be the Perfect Pet?

Pet insurance companies have hired researchers have found what the most chosen pets are. A survey was run on about 2,000 people about their idea of the perfect pet for them. The responses were funny, informative, logical and exciting. Many animal enthusiasts are hoping that with future advancements in science and technology that someday, the perfect pet might just be a reality. So what do these people think of as the perfect pet and how does it affect pet insurance.

This is something that the insurance companies that make these policies have always been curious about and they want to please the consumers. Even though pet owners are devoted to their pets, they would still like to find the perfect pet. All animals do have their flaws. None of them are perfect, so if it were possible, owners would love the chance to create their own pets the way that they want them and would integrate their favorite features into the pet. Of course, the poll results have nothing to do with basic services and coverage of the pet insurance industry. Most of the findings were trivial.

The curious cross-breed that the survey resulted in is called a “Equicanigattus”. This is according to the pet insurance form known as More Than. Those who responded to this survey said that their idea of the perfect pet would be 7% rabbit, 9% horse, 35% cat and 49% dog. This would make a strange looking animal indeed. It would be more amazing than the sphinx. It’s appearance would be dominated by dog features, more so than the overall physical appearance. It’s face would have a combination of the best of all the above animals.

The first computer generated picture of this creature generated a lot of interest among pet owners, so much so that the pet insurance companies gave this odd looking creature the name of Max. With long rabbit ears, the body of a golden retriever, the sweet face of a cat and the long graceful tail and mane of a horse. Somehow, children might be scared of this image, but pet owners are very excited by it.

The same research even pointed out that if Max were a real animal, it would develop many other wonderful characteristics. This would be in addition to its physical uniqueness. This pet would always have a very high energy level; its favorite pastime would be walking, and would sleep for about 9 and half hours every day, now to the actual point of the study. This experiment was conducted to provide a good clue as to what kind of animal people prefer as a pet. This went beyond physical looks and personality. It did show how obsessed we are with pets.

It is obvious that at the present time, the pet insurance companies are much more than just insurance companies which provide policies to pet owners. They are also reaching out to find about more about pet owners and pet lovers.

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