Ways to Find the Best Pet Insurance Policy

 Finding the Best Pet Insurance Policy

For those who are trivia buffs, the first animal to be covered by a pet insurance policy in the United States was the dog Lassie, the famous canine star of the 1950‘s television show. It was in 1982 that Lassie received the insurance policy from Veterinary Pet Insurance. Lassie was the choice for obvious reasons. In order to launch the new line of Veterinary Pet Insurance, a dog such as Lassie, who was very popular in the public’s eye, was the perfect subject for the first policy of this type.

It has been 25 yrs. since this first policy was issues and it has become one of the most popular segments of insurance today. Reports from the American Veterinary Medical Association show that Americans have spent around $24.5 billion on proper pet health care costs. How much are pet owner’s able to afford for their pet’s insurance? Would you be surprised to know that it could cost millions of dollars? Here are some pointers of how to find get the best insurance policy for your loving pet.

Keep your personal financial budget in your mind when looking at these types of insurance. This should be what decides which policy that you get. Small premium payments are a lot easier to make than larger ones. You could save back the amount that you spend each day on coffee to pay for your beloved pet’s insurance policy. There is no sense in paying thousands of dollars for this type of policy. People are very cost aware when it comes to paying insurance premiums now. Jobs are very hard to come by and money is very tight for most people. However, little sacrifices do have their own rewards. Regardless of what type of illness or accident is in your pet’s future, you could ensure its proper health care.

You have to consider such factors as genetic conditions of your pet and make an insurance company aware of such factors so that you can obtain proper coverage to include this. The worst policy would cost a huge amount of money and still not cover these conditions. It is a sad fact that pre-existing conditions are mostly overlooked with these policies. So if you find a policy that includes such conditions, then you should get it immediately.

Try to find a pet insurance policy which offers discounts for having more than one pet on the policy. This would save a lot of money instead of getting a separate policy for each pet. A multiple pet policy is much preferable. Also, you should find a policy which allows you to choose the veterinarian of your own choice. As a pet owner you know your pet’s needs and you should find a pet insurance policy which covers all of those needs.

How to Choose a Pet Insurance Policy

About Choose a Pet Insurance Policy

Just as you pay close attention to your own health care, you should also pay attention to your pet’s health care. We need insurance policies on our pet just like we have for our human family members. If we really love our pet’s and consider them family members, then we need to make sure that emergency care is made available to them. With this in mind, we then need to choose a pet insurance policy for their health coverage. Pet treatments and surgeries can become very complicated, tedious and demanding.

Pets do not stay young and healthy forever. With today’s economy sometimes our pet’s well-being can become compromised. It has been revealed by most vet clinics in the United States that pet checkups and treatments are on an overall decline since the start of the recent depression. Would you let your pet suffer in pain and misery simply because you couldn’t afford treatment? An insurance policy would be the best way to avoid this situation for your furry companion.

Experts agree that the most important time to buy a dog insurance policy is the exact moment that you buy it. It is much cheaper to get this policy when your dog is still a puppy. The prices go up as the dog gets older. Premium costs would be more affordable as well. Do your research though before buying a policy on your pet. Some pet insurance policies do not cover all pedigree or cross breeds because some of these are more at risk for infections and diseases than others. However, there are insurance products for those types of dogs.

Other than the varying costs and types of insurance coverage, it is also very important that you check on the terms and conditions of the policy. Ask questions such as when the policy coverage expires. Also ask how you go about filing claims as well as asking if there are any additional charges. You need to also find out about third-party damages that your dog could incur to other people.

The reason for finding out information about third-party damages is that if your dog bites someone, you will have to pay that person’s medical expenses. You also will have to pay the costs if you dog destroys someone else’s property. Some insurance policies cover these costs. These policies that provide such coverage are much preferable.

Check the complete coverage of the dog insurance policy in as much detail as possible. Most of such policies cover only illness and accidents in regards to your pet. Sometimes hospitalization is included in the coverage until the dog dies. Regular checkups are mostly not included in the coverage. Grooming costs are not covered in the policy and neither is vaccination against viral infections or diseases. Food supplements such as vitamins are not covered either. Make sure and read the dog insurance policy very closely.

Medications and other treatments might be covered by the dog insurance policy. It is very important to know what is covered and what isn’t covered before you sign or buy anything.