About Pet Insurance Basic Facts

There are a lot of rumors going around about pet insurance. Some say it is expensive and others say that it isn’t. Many people are saying that it is very important to get pet insurance to cover their beloved pets. But who is right and who is wrong about this. Here are some facts about this kind of insurance.

Fact 1: This type of insurance is not the same as insurance for humans. Pet owners are not forced to choose a vet from a providers list as human do. This is completely different from the HMO list which has certain doctors that patients go to in order to be covered by the policy.

Fact 2: Pet insurance is not expensive. A lot of people say that pet insurance costs more than insurance for people. Insurance policies on your pet run an average of $15 to $28 depending on the type of animal being covered and what kind of coverage you are interested in. A trip for us to the emergency room would cost a huge amount more with an unexpected illness or accident.

Some insurance companies also offer large discounts if you enroll more than one pet on the same policy. Sometimes it can add up to 5% discount for multiple pets. The payments on the premiums for such a policy as this are also a lot easier.

Fact 3: Age matters: Some say that it is preferable to get a pet insurance policy when your pet is older. Actually, the opposite is true. It’s best to get this insurance policy when you first get your pet or when it is very young before any pre-existing illnesses show up or any accidents occur. Others say that older pets cannot be insured. This would depend on the insurance company. There are insurance companies who would not even think about covering pets that have pre-existing conditions or who are getting on in years. It is best to ask the insurance company directly about this matter.

Fact 4: Dogs and cats are the only pets which can have pet insurance coverage. Not true. Although dogs and cats are the most common which are insured, birds and exotic animals also qualify for this coverage as well. In fact, exotic pet insurance can cover shipping, passports and other costs. The coverage depends on what type of policy you get.

Fact 5: A pet fund is more unstable than pet insurance. Most people think that hoarding enough money as an emergency pet fund is just as good as paying for pet insurance. It may be done with the best of intentions, our pet’s well-being, but the problem is that we are not obligated to save for it. There isn’t the pressure to save as there is to make monthly payments on an actual insurance policy.

Fact 6: An insurance policy does not prevent our pets from becoming ill.

Not so. There are many reasons why our pets become ill. We sometimes forget the immunization shots, we feed them the wrong foods, and this can lead to all sorts of things going wrong with them.

Even if you never take your pet with you on your travels, it could still become ill or suffer from an accident. Make sure that your pet is covered by getting a pet insurance policy.