The Pros and Cons of Getting Pet Insurance

We love our pets and want to keep them healthy, but sometimes they do get sick. Sadly, it costs around $3000 for hospitalization, treatment and medication. If you are a pet owner with pet insurance, then you have much better options on getting better care for your beloved pet. Our pets are more like members of the family to us so they really need pet insurance to cover any health problems.

In the U.S. alone only 3% of pet owners got this type of insurance, other countries have much higher rates of pet owners who insure their beloved companions.

A lot of pet owners are undecided on whether or not pet insurance would be the right path to follow for them or their pets so we will be discussing the pros and cons of getting pet insurance so that we can make the right decision.


The whole idea of getting pet insurance is to make sure that our pets can get the proper medical care in case of an emergency. When these unforeseen medical emergencies do happen, it would be very hard to come up with such a large sum of money immediately. Most of the time, pet owners have to dip into their personal savings when this happens.

Some of these pet insurance plans include vaccinations, spay, neuter and even flea medications. The price for vet treatments is on the rise just like everything else. Already high tech medications have been developed to treat your pet’s sickness. Getting your pet covered with adequate pet insurance can save your pet from being put to sleep.

There are even pet insurance programs which can cover posters, rewards and financial assistance for pet owners if their pets have been stolen. In such cases, insurance companies might even help to replace the pet.

There is another kind of insurance which covers the costs of boarding and kennels. This is in case of something unforeseen which might happen to the owner which results in them not being able to continue taking care of their pet. This insurance will cover the costs in housing and feeding your pet.


Some pet insurance come with a hefty price tag. If you shop around, though, you can find pet insurance at a lower, more reasonable price. It helps if you already know ahead of time what kind of coverage you want for your pet. This way you can get the right coverage for your pet. Prices can also depend on the breed and what type of animal that you have. Some animal breeds do require more expensive treatment and care than others.

Pet insurances are also pretty picky about pets that already have earlier conditions. You would have a lot of difficulty getting coverage for a dog that is sick and old. Another point is that pet insurance does not provide upfront payment. The pet owner would have to provide payment at the time of service and the insurance would reimburse the owner.

So these are the pros and cons of having pet insurance. It would be the pet owner’s call to get a policy on their pet. But it is also a pet owner’s responsibility to provide care for their pet.