A  Primer of Pet Health Insurance

This article can be considered a pet health insurance primer for those who are just finding out about this type of insurance. Many people get a lot of pleasure from the companionship provided by animals such as dogs, cats, birds and fish. These types of animals have been recognized for many years as loving companions to their owners. Pets are friends who make no demands on you as people do. They love unconditionally whether or not we take them for granted. It is the owner’s vital responsibility to take care of their pet’s health and well-being. One way to do this is, without a doubt, making sure that the pet is covered with a pet insurance policy.

The need for this kind of insurance for your beloved friend rose in demand due to the scientific advances in vet treatments with advanced procedure and technology. Many pet owners have also expected the quality of treatment for their pets to rise as well. Home pets now enjoy the same quality of health care as their human owners.

This pet insurance basically takes care of your pet’s medical treatment in times of accident or illness. Also, there are policies which will make payments to the owners in case the pet is lost, stolen, or dies. History tells us that it was Claes Virgin who was the first to write such a pet insurance policy. It was he who instituted the Lansforsakings Alliance which has horses and cattle as research animals. It was in 1947 that an insurance company first accepted such a policy in Britain. According to the records of 2009, Britain ranked second in the most number of such policies at 23 percent.

Pet owners are now being given many more options as to what type of policy that they buy on their pets. These choices are usually determined by the owner’s financial situations. This coverage is discussed with the owner first and then the company allows the owner to decide what deductible and co-insurance levels are. In this way, the owner has more control over the monthly payment that will be paid.

You will have to completely check all facets of the pet health insurance policy that you are looking at in order to get the best coverage for your pet. Some companies only give benefit payments when the procedures that are really needed are included in coverage while some others waive coverage for hereditary conditions.

Some policies have to be renewed each year and there may also be coverage points and pre-existing conditions which have to be reviewed before the policy renewal can take effect. There are several stumbling blocks which have to be overcome before getting the pet insurance whose benefits will give you the freedom from money constraints when your pet faces unwanted health problems.

Times have changed greatly for animals especially those who live in domestic situations. The rise in sales of pet insurance policies show just how much owners are taking their responsibilities more seriously as pet owners and just how much they love their pets.

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